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Lee Seung Gi – Return Piano Sheet

He what’s up!

You know what, several times ago, I found a very nice song with a melow theme namely Return sung by Lee Seung Gi. Firstly I got this song through YouTube. This is the official clip video:

This song is able to make me fall deep into the story. A very good-wrapped piano pattern makes me don’t wanna miss to play this song. Trying to play with my feeling fails to make me satisfied.

It’s been so long I tried to find the sheet music. I’d like to play this song in front of my princess later to get her head lays down into my shoulder while dropping happiness tears. And finally I got it just now!

Well probably you’ve also ever listened to this song. For you who have been dying to look for this difficult-to-be-search piano sheet, simply take a look:



3 thoughts on “Lee Seung Gi – Return Piano Sheet”

    1. Hi, i have suggestion for his songs. Lets browse ‘words that are hard to say’ and look his MV. That’s old song, but its good^^

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