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Punthuk Setumbu We Were In

Hi June,
It’s about an unforgetable place namely Punthuk Setumbu.


Dawn breeze blew rapidly and so noisy in my ears. Not even until a couple minutes, this body was wrapped by cold morning fog. All I felt was the more distance I reached, the more this body froze. But somehow, an imagination about the beautiful moment that I’d get could warm me up, so I could continue smiling between the killing temperature at that morning.


No matter how far and hard the road that we would pass, I wanted to go there with you so close to me in a longer time that we’d spend on the way. Having a lot of jokes, stories, or even our fantasy. Never mind about how tired I’d be, because the most important was that my heart very glad to be with you on the bike, framed by morning fog that refreshed and followed us despite of untouched.

While everybody went down from the hill, we did the opposite. Climbing it up and up confidently though they looked at us curiously. Yes, we were late but we didn’t care. After parking and locking the bike, we directly walked toward the entrance and asked to the keeper:

“How much does it cost?”

Having been paid, we could continue our journey to the hill. The keeper said that we must still take a little walk for about 10 minutes toward the hill through bamboo forest. Wind blew slowly caressing each part of our skin softly, touching bamboo leaves producing a very special tickling sound. Step by step passed away, leaving traces of memory that probably we wouldn’t find again, unless in our mind.

We arrived there…

There were so many bamboo chairs sticking to the ground. Besides, there was also like a little stage with very narrow functional ladder beside of it. Moreover, in the center of the hill we could find a little tree that was fenced by some pieces of bamboos in order to get protected from human distraction.

Still I remember about the smell of the place perfectly. We looked around the hill for a while before finally we decided to sit down on one of bamboo chairs, the corner one but not the most. A very comfortable position with the best sightseeing that we could catch. Eventhough, we might not look at the sun directly. Yes of course, we were late.

We talked about principle in our life, exactly, who we are, and especially about what are we gonna be if we would be together. Second by second passed aways as the sun that rose higher and higher, but seemingly neither of us felt bored enjoying a share of moment together. Staring each other made me so thankful to God because it’s undeniable happiness that I could see the most beautiful scenery, ever. That smile, expression, sight, and every detail on her face existing right in front of mine.

“May I hug you?”

Really I could feel the warmth that sun gave to us as well as what I got from hugging her tenderly. While hugging, I wafted as many as prays that I could convey to God. My heart automatically becomed so fussy. It said many words about affection. Yes she didn’t hear, eventhough I thought that it hadn’t been the right time to say it nakedly. I silently said to God, “I wanted to enjoy this moment a little longer, please”. But the fact is that as if the time ran faster and we needed to go back home soon before the sun burnt us in flame.

The trace may be lost, but memory lasts forever. In a memorable place, Punthuk Setumbu, with only My Lovable Princess.

We shouldn’t be late because I was planning to hug you from behind while facing to the sunrise and at that closest moment between us, and when our breath united I wanted to whisper the 3 words which had painted my days so far. You should’ve known, one day.

Missing Prince and Lovable Princess
Missing Prince and Lovable Princess


Every subject here is just a reflection of a dream that writer wants to realize. The story can only be found here. Here only, within my prayer.


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