Once Upon a Dream in Pine Palace, Were We Happy?

Once upon a dream..

Melodious birds chirp wake me up this morning. The air is very cold here, seemingly summer already comes. Wearing a very thick jacket doesn’t protect me from this stabbing air. It breaks through my cloth gap and at once spreads all over my body. Setting foot on the floor nakedly will certainly make it feel rigid and inconvenient. But willy-nilly, I get down from my bed and step my foot outward just to see how it looks like.

The fog is quite thick, it blurs my sight…

As I used to do, I breathe out through my mouth while lifting my head up in some small angle just to indicate how cold is the air outside. The colder the temperature outdoor is, the thicker our breath will seem. The result is that I can see my breath clearer, even it is thicker than before.

I sit down on a chair outside and keep looking around while holding my laptop in front of me. It takes some minutes to stay silent with an empty sight far across the fog. I’ve tried to type more and more but I’m still unable to explain this situation into words. All I know that it reminds me about a very high cold place wrapped by thick fog and crowned by many pine trees that ever welcomed me, refreshingly. Being remembered about every memory that ever happened is the hardest moment that I sometimes couldn’t pass it alone.

Shade of that palace, strong breath, seconds when the fog used to frame us, silence in every corner I look at, a sentence we used to talk about, and a song we used to listen to together.

Pine palace is the dream that I ever made, the dream that promises nothing, a promise that never comes true, and the truth that is always qustionable. Even so, I have no regrets to get the true love that God ever confered, for a couple of Adam’s children. I believe, if someone is predestined to be mine, she will be.

Once upon a dream in pine palace. Only unknown feelings remain in the same place.

Pine Palace
The Palace Lies Here

Were we happy…


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