Honesty Or Integrity


How can I be talking about those confusing words at the beginning of our day. Yeah, it feels strange and is heavy discussion. Sorry, but somehow, those words is filling my head entirely.

Don’t worry, it is an easy talk instead. Who knows that it would give you some ideas to go your relation with either your lover, friends, or even work partners (but sorry, I’ll demonstrate the example within a relationship). Before being lost and dusty, it’s better to write it down here.

What do the hell those words mean?

I don’t know what those exactly mean. All I know is those words contain a conditon where we must tell about something as it stands. No lying or even arguing, simply as it is supposed to be. Nevertheless, those mean differently in which integrity is more than just a honesty. If honesty is possibly a gold covered rusty-metal, then integrity is a pure diamond.

When you go a relationship with a girl, then your girl is flirting with another men without you know it. Once a moment, she tells you, “Hey babe, sorry, a couple days ago I forgot to tell you if I flirted with a guy when you left me alone”, or, “Babe forgive me please, honestly, I was just hanging out with a guy when you left me alone”. Will you say, “Oh it’s okay baby, how lucky I am to have a very honest girl”, or, “Well, that’s fine, just tell me when you’re flirting with others anymore”? Seriuously, will you? No, you won’t unless you either are already insane or have done the same as what your girl did. It’s flawed relationship.

Better to be honest no matter how hard it is

According to the story above, we know that it’s better for the boy to know what his girl has done. In case that they still want to continue loving each other, by knowing it, there will be an idea about how to overcome bad relationship condition between them. It can help them to improve their relationship quality to be a better one. Apart from that, it prevents the worse possibility of repetition. Accordingly, honesty is literally nice attitude. But how’s about the act inside of it? It will leave an anxiety, curiousity, and the possibility of taking revenge. It means there’s probably a rusty metal within gold layer.

Honesty is a case in which people should simply say the truth, no matter how hard it is, without considering about the consequences that they’ll deal with at last.

What does integrity provides?

The next example will lead you to the basic difference between honesty and integrity. One day, supposing that a boyfriend has no time to pay his concern to his girl because of many reason such as job, duties, or other responsibilities. We must understand that the girl will feel so lonely without he is around her as they used to do. There’s always possibility for her to flirt with other guys. How lucky he is to have a very loyal girlfriend in case that she ever even said, “Babe, honestly I feel so lonely. Yesterday there was a guy who wanted to care about me better than you because he knew that you’re not around. But I know that this situation won’t last longer and that’s why I choose to keep this loyalty. I hope you’ll be around in a few more times”. After knowing it, definitely he must realize and admit something that makes such kind of condition. Giving assurance.

Integrity provides something that honesty doesn’t

What can you infer from the example above? It’s a very nice acknowledgement that the woman did. It leads the couple to the comfortable discussion which will rescue their relationship from the same problem coming in the future. Basically it provides the same solution like honesty does, but there’s nonetheless a superiority that honesty doesn’t possess: consideration about the following consequence. It dismisses future anxiety, curiousity, revenge, and so on. It is a flawless diamond, I bet.

Integrity has people say the truth not only to others but also to themselves. Considering the consequences in which they’ll deal with in the future.

Wow, very long and complicated examples, aren’t they? Because I think only real example will give us the best understanding about how integrity and honesty go upon our life.


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